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The Waterway North Coast extends across 57 acres that boast charming tropical landscapes and enchanting waterfeatures.The 429-meter pristine shoreline runs 200 meters deep and offers charming views of the unspoiled white sand embracing the soft waves of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. The Waterway North Coast embraces 402 exclusive beach homes that are elevated to offer captivating seaviews from every angle.

The fully-finished homes are infused with modern facilities and amenities that appeal to Waterway North Coast’sexclusive homeowners. With a wide variety of home types and areas, finding your new home away from home is an easy pick. From seafront villas to standalone villas, twin houses, townhouses and mini townhouses, there’s a home for every homeowner seeking luxury, tranquility and exclusivity.

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Tropical Landscape

Welcome to The Waterway North Coast, a magical place where you can wake up every morning with the sun’s soft rays filling your home. It’s a place where you can start your day with the gentle sounds of the waves rolling on the white sands, with the humming of birds and rustling of leaves in the background.

It’s a place where you can open your eyes to a picturesque view of the horizon and witness all the colors of nature blending together seamlessly. It’s a place that speaks to every one of your senses and fills your heart with peace and sheer delight.


  • Main Clubhouse
  • Beach Clubhouse
  • Infinity Pools
  • Seafront Villas
  • Standalone Villas
  • Twin Houses
  • Town Houses
  • Mini Town Houses
  • sea view chalet


Staying true to its signature motif, The Waterway North Coast is a magnum opus that distinctively standsout in the heart of Egypt’s North Coast. The avant-garde, Zen-inspired architecture of the development speaks to those who seek minimalist living without compromising on exclusivity or luxury.

The aesthetic designs harmoniously blend every home and structure with the surrounding nature, inside out. Only the finest natural elements are used to embellish the distinctive homes at The Waterway North Coast, complementing the soft anti-moisture paints and earthy tones of the natural surroundings. The result is a heartening ambience and luxurious lifestyle in a perfect home.


Blendinginto Nature

Imagine having a bedroom that’s overviewing an infinite sea view and greenery all around.Imagine waking up every morning in an inspiring and heavenly environment with fresh air and serene surroundings.

Beach ClubHouse


Infinity Pools